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Is Your Power Window System Failing?

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The ability to simply hit a lever and watch your car window go up or down is incredibly convenient. In fact, it's probably one of the vehicle features you consider essential. If so, you probably want to ensure that the window-regulator motor system remains in working condition. Fortunately, there are signs that might indicate a problem long before a failure occurs. Learn about some of the red flags you should watch for. 

No Response

A clear indication that something is amiss with your power window system is no response. For instance, you press the lever to lower the window, but nothing happens. With this scenario, there is likely something wrong with the regulator motor. It could be that the motor has died or it could indicate a malfunction with the switch that is preventing the motor from activating correctly. 

Windows Slides

When in the closed position, the placement of a car window should not change. However, you know you have trouble if the window will slide down, even slightly. A part of the regulator system's function is to lock the window in position, but when the locking feature starts to fail, the window will start to shift, especially if you hit a bump or pothole in the road. You might even notice that the window is unbalanced when the locking mechanism is failing. 

Odd Sounds

You should not hear any unusual sounds as your window moves up and down the track. First, listen for any rubbing or scratching type sounds. This problem might not mean that there is an issue with the regulator, but that there is something stuck on the window track. You might even see streaks on the window in this instance. Second, listen for a clicking noise. A clicking noise might indicate a problem with the motor that you need to address. 

Slow Movement

If you've had your car for a little while, you know what's normal when it comes to how quickly your windows open and close. When you experience a shift in the speed, the issue is cause for concern. Speed issues often have to do with the power delivery from the motor. The less power the motor generates, the slower the movement of the window. Typically, this issue is a sign that the motor is failing, and if you don't replace it soon, it'll likely stop working and leave your window in whatever position it happens to be in at that moment. 

A window regulator repair is not an overly complicated repair. With the right tools and auto parts, you can perform a repair or replacement on your own. Research the exact parts you need and get started.