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2 Tips For Selecting A Used Engine For Your Car

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If your car's motor has died and you do not have money to spend on a new vehicle, you may be thinking about replacing the engine with a new one. However, you want to make sure the engine that you choose will fit your car and keep running for a while. While shopping around for a used engine, use the following tips to help you select one that fits your needs:

1.  Ask What Comes with the Engine

When you go shopping for an engine that matches your car, one of the first things that you should ask is about the components that come with it. If you simply ask for one, you could either have all of the attached accessories or end up with only the block.

On the basic level, the engine should come with everything it needs for the motor itself to operate. This includes parts such as the rocker arms, pistons, spark plug wires, crankshaft, head gasket, and oil pan. An engine with these components should serve your need for a motor if everything else under the hood is working properly.

However, if your car has other parts that are going bad, such as the alternator or water pump, ask if there are any available engines with these components. If you do find one with these parts, it could save you money and the hassle of trying to find them individually

2.  Verify the Actual Mileage of the Engine

If you have found a couple of engines from which you are planning to make your selection, the next important thing you should ask about is the mileage. A seller should have this information, even if the engine is no longer in a vehicle, so that the odometer can be checked.

However, if they do not have this information on hand, or if you suspect that an engine has more mileage than was stated, you can request a vehicle background report from the seller. Even if the motor has already been pulled out of a car, there is a plate that gives the vehicle identification number which can give you an overall history of how the engine was used.

Making sure you know what comes with the engine and how many miles it has on it can help ensure that you have what you need to replace your defunct motor. For specific details about each one, speak with a parts dealer who offers used engines for sale. Companies like Fresno Auto & Truck Recycling can offer more information.