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Signs That Your Vehicle's Engine Is Burning Oil

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One vehicle problem you may run into is that your engine burns oil very quickly. Here are some ways you can tell if this problem is happening to your vehicle.

Low Oil With No Leak

Do you know that your oil level is good because you recently added more, but go back to check it a few weeks later and notice that the oil is lower? Your first instinct may be to check where your car is parked, but you see no sign of an oil leak on the ground. This is a clear sign that your engine is burning up oil at a faster rate than normal. While it is normal for an engine to burn oil, it does so very slowly. It shouldn't drop a notable amount after a couple of weeks of driving. If this is happening, then you know that the engine is using more oil than it should be. 

Dark Smoke From The Exhaust

Is there dark smoke coming out of your exhaust? This is a sign that oil is actively burning up in your engine from getting into the combustion process. There is not supposed to be oil in the combustion process since it is just used as a lubricant from the pistons and other moving parts. That dark smoke is a sign that oil is getting into places that it shouldn't, and the engine is burning it up as a result.

Dark Stains Under The Hood Or On Exhaust

While it is normal for there to be some staining underneath your hood where the engine is located, but it shouldn't be extremely dirty. This will happen from burning up too much oil and those fumes getting trapped underneath the hood of the vehicle. It can also leave an oily residue under the hood that is easy to spot based on touching it. 

It is also possible to see dark stains around the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. You likely have a good idea of what a normal exhaust pipe looks like since you can compare your vehicle to any other car. If you notice that the inside of your exhaust pipe has dark stains, then it could be from burned-up oil. 

Smell Of Burning Oil

Oil has a very unique smell, and you may notice it as you are driving due to the engine burning oil. You're more likely to smell it when you are driving faster and operating the vehicle at a high speed and causing the RPMs to shoot up. 

For more information, contact a car repair service in your area.